Korean Tradition Infused with Local FlairExperience the rich tapestry of Korean culinary heritage woven for local palates

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Savor Up for a FeastTantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more with every bite

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Crafted with PassionDiscover the artistry behind our culinary masterpieces

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About Us
Malaysia's first restaurant specializing exclusively in authentic Korean-Chinese fusion cuisine

Experience the unique blend of traditional flavors, artfully crafted to bring you the best of both culinary worlds.

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Over 30,000 Dining Experiences


Over 100 of Exquisite Flavors

  • First-ever fusion creations blending Korean flavors to tantalize local taste buds
  • Dining atmosphere that celebrates authenticity and cultural richness
  • Seasonal menu rotations featuring exclusive dishes
Message by Founder

Thank you for being part of us now, and surely in the future. It is a great honor that we can accommodate you personally at our premises. Let me share with you what you can expect from us:

A reasonable price of mouth-watering Korean cuisine blends into local tastebuds with great services, along with specially crafted beverages tailored to complement our Korean dishes. We are a pork-free food chain that enables us to welcome multi-races, and a fresh one-stop bar which allows everyone from all walks of life to enjoy. We wish you a pleasant and eventful dining experience with us. Your presence is always a joy, and we are always delighted to have you with us.


Siaw Jun Kit, PhD

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